The Vogue Word

Author: Vanessa Ciliberto
Year: 2018

Role: Web Design, Development


Technology: WordPress, Html, Css, Js, Sketch

The role of the designer is that of a good, thoughtful host anticipating the needs of his guests


The first thing I should think about when starting or redesigning a blog is to create a visual image of the brand.

The logo

If i don’t already have a logo, i want to change it or just to adjust it, this is my starting point should i want to redesign a blog. The logo is your brand’s identity and it will be the first thing your readers, customers or fans will associate with you or your business

The Layout

The layout is also important when it comes to blog design. While readers will notice at first the header section, the layout is the element that should make your blog readable and pleasant. Responsiveness is important due to the fact that not all computers have the same screen resolution. Thus, you should make sure that the blog does not lose in readability whatever the resolution of the computer from which it is being read.

by Giuseppe Galati

Make it simple, but significant

Everything is about functionality. I do not include elements that are not necessary, this is extended to every aspect.
Not only are there no frivolous elements in the outlines, but the shapes and the forms, the typography and the colours are also similarly pared down and simplified.

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